About Theresa Buede

Theresa Buede, HC, LMT is a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Texas School of Massage and is a cancer survivor through holistic methods.


She is a certified Health Coach, lymphatic stimulation practitioner, as well as a holistic cancer survivor who specializes in the recovery and prevention of cancer utilizing natural approaches that harmonize with each individual's body.


Her decision to use alternative therapies to full recovery set her on a mission to help others.  Through her Mastery level training in Quantum Physics with Dr. Joe Dispenza, she offers a compassionate and easy-to-follow coaching method for healing of chronic conditions including terminal diseases.  



Services offered
Health Assessment
Dietary & Fitness Programs
Cancer Recovery & Prevention
Health & Dietary Evaluations
Gut Health Restoration
LipoMelt Detox & Fat Loss
BioDezyne Stress Assessment
Lymphatic Stimulation....