BioDezyne Stress Assessment & Screening

A Stress Assessment & Screening with Theresa Buede using BioDezyne       

What will I learn about my stress with BioDezyne?

Experience profound well being and longevity by supporting the body’s balance from the inside out. The HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is the most reliable prognostic indicator of a variety of chronic disease conditions, providing insight on the aging process relative to inner balance and optimum performance.

To set up an appointment with Theresa, please call:  713-992-3480

What is the objective of this assessment?

HRV testing with BioDezyne device is an excellent clinical tool to track and improve health, fitness, and stress while detecting and preventing upcoming problems. All levels of inner balance are supported - DNA level, cellular level, systemic and enzymatic level, emotional level and surface organic health.


What will I experience?

Stress levels, cumulative and current, will be tested by attaching an electrode to the earlobe or index finger and then running a computerized program. While sitting in a calm environment, the program will capture how your body is managing stress. Once an initial test is performed and results reviewed, making immediate improvements will be discussed and re-testing will be scheduled at 30, 60 and 90 days later.


 Cost:  $175 / 90 minutes  Includes BioDezyne Stress assessment test and Health Breakthrough session.


Health Breakthrough Session:             $125 / 90 minutes

• increased energy
• improved weight and/or body image
• joint pain minimized/often totally eliminated
• stress coping techniques
• personalized program to address nutritional health imbalances, self-sabotaging patterns and disease risks
• specialize in cancer recovery and prevention


Program Options Following Health Breakthrough Session              
3 or 6 Month Programs:
 Life Changing Support
• weekly, monthly or bi-monthly visits will be recommended
• $125 per session ($119 per session Discount if pre-pay for 5 or more sessions)
• 90 minute visits - includes health consultation, dietary & lifestyle support, spiritual healing
• In-depth program designed to create permanent changes with food choices, body imaging &
disease prevention