Speciality Services by Theresa Buede

Lipomelt Ultimate Light
Melt fat at the speed of light with the “LipoMelt To Be Me” program. Detox while losing fat and inches off those areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Naturally slim, shape and tone your body. Lose 3-9 inches of stubborn fat in 3 weeks. You can even get a natural face lift! Detox package includes LipoMelt, vibration therapy, lymphatic stimulation and infrared sauna.

*No pain
*No surgery
*No downtime

Are you tired of bra bulges, saddlebags and post-pregnancy baby fat? The ‘melt your fa
LymphStar Pro Lymphatic Therapy
Your Lymphatic therapist uses a combination of gentle manual lymph node drainage techniques aided by a special instrument, the Lymphstar Pro to decongest trapped proteins and congestion within lymph nodes and the lymph system. This allows waste products and toxins to safely flow out through normal channels.
Cancer Care Massage
Cancer patients use therapeutic massage to reduce symptoms, improve coping, and enhance
quality of life. This enhanced personal sense of well being with gentle touch provides deeper nurturing for body and soul. Only therapists with special certification provide cancer care
Mu-Xing Ancient Therapy
Experience the feeling of being nurtured by mother earth. Warm bamboo wood is used with ancient techniques to gently de-stress and melt away signs of tension and tightness from sore, aching muscles. The skilled hands of our wood specialists knead and massage the body with
these relaxing, yet energizing, woods.
Prenatal & Lactating Massage
Special focus is given to the unique needs during pregnancy and lactation. This soothing massage helps relieve stress on weight-bearing joints, reduces neck and back pain and aids in the
elimination of fluid retention. Therapeutic touch has been shown to minimize stress, improve circulation and reduce low back pain. Only therapists with special certification provide prenatal
or lactation massages. It is recommended to check with your doctor to get clearance for receiving a massage.
Aromatherapy Massage
A traditional Swedish Massage enhanced with ancient wellbeing rituals, using unique blends rich
in organic essential oils and aromatic extracts.
Detox body with food, safe supplementation and therapies designed to cleanse organs, clear skin and reduce physical and mental stress. Amazing results!
Dry Skin Brushing Treatment
A rhythmical, natural full body dry skin brushing exfoliation treatment popular in Europe that
enhances lymphatic cleansing. Followed by a re-hydrating lotion.
Mental Stress Crushes Life
Stress kills from the inside out and if left unchecked will slowly deteriorate every aspect of life, leaving an exhausted body and damaged spirit. Support for stress relief has been proven to restore mental calm, increase quality of life, improve sleep and reduce digestive distress. Get the help you deserve today!
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